Thursday, 13 November 2008

Adventures in Baby Sitting!!!

Sunday 09/11/08
Vernon Park 10:30am
Robin Hood FC v Westdale Tavern

First of all let me apologise for the tardiness of this weeks blog. The combination of my own PC going kaput! and cheek of work actually causing me to be busy over the last few days has conspired to create this delay.
Thing is though I am not completely sure what to write about this weeks game? You see I was a little distracted through out by the constant attention of mini Gattuszola. Now those of you that know Gattuszola (Marco Della-Rocca) will know he is a small Mediterranean ball of energy that never seems to run out of steam (I think he could be used as an alternative energy source for the entire country, Take note Gordon Brown!) Well imagine all that energy concentrated into a four year old girl. Mini-Gattuszola is just that Gattuszola's MINI-ME!!!! So I was to take care of the mini tornado while big(ish) Gattuszola took care of business on the park.
So with my multi-tasking windows vista head on its time for the game(s) to begin.
Now the hope was that the Robin would hit the ground running after the cracking last two results. But things seemed different from the start a few heads were not "On It" so to speak, with a little of that maybe coming coming from the fact that Calzaghe had fought (and won, well done son) at 5:00am that morning hmm! Any it was a typical opening few minutes to a Sunday league game but with the Robin struggle to find and maintain shape. Then a sucker punch Westdale Tavern take the lead less than ten minutes into the game!!. At this point the rain began to drive down and I was trying to convince mini-Gattuszola that a tree is nature's umbrella and staying on her feet was a preferable alternative to lying in the mud. Is this the same team I have gushed over in the last two posts, they do not look like it. The never say die attitude of the the recent Sundays has been replaced by something more sinister Empathy!! Empathy with Roy Jones Jnr who was convincingly battered, bruised, and run down by Calzaghe. Because from my sheltered vantage point that's how the robin looked sluggish. Westdale extend their lead further into the first half, no timings or elaborate description I'm afraid as I only just caught the goal whilst going about the other duties tasked to me. Distracted for the rest of the half respite came with the half time whistle. Phew a break. "Three soft goals" wait a minute have i missed something here???? checking with Skip he confirmed that before the end of the half Westdale Tavern had indeed taken their lead to three nil.
Half Time
Robin 0 - 3 Westdale Tavern.
The beginning of the second half, much the same as the first, running around picking mini-Gattuszola of the floor keeping her entertained oh yeah and the Robin were still struggling to find any shape. From what I saw a little of the fighting spirit had returned to the Robin and things were looking better this half. The game ebbed and flowed with neither team making any real chances. GOAL!!!!!!!!!! I managed to see that one Charlie! around the fifty seventh minute mark Robin 1 - 3 Westdale Tavern. Is this the start of a come back worthy of recent performances?? Sadly no. The game carried on, chances were made and missed, I missed things due to my mini charge and the game ended. Sorry lads bad result, heads were down but it is merely a blip.
Can I also apologise to the lads if i missed anything you did in the game that was particularly good and would normally warrant a mention in the blog.
Dovecrest next at home. I promise you'll have my undivided attention this week so make it worth my while and give me reason to enjoy writing about your heroics.

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