Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Coming Soon

If you have never had the joy of knowing Sunday league football,
If you could never be bothered to drag your sorry self out of bed at nine o'clock on a cold wet Sunday morning,
If your the one who is sat in the bar waiting for the team to return and the first to ask the result when they get in,
If you keep promising to come down next week to cheer on the boys,
If you help yourself to the chips and sausages laid on for the boys after home games,
If you love your pub team but wish you could do more,

Well fear not fellow footy lovers for if you miss a game you'll be able to read all about it here! yes every game covered, In depth analysis (hmm! maybe) of key moments, player comments, fan opinion, and manager quote of the day. Oh yes and the match report d'oh should not forget that.

So follow the highs and the lows of this forth coming season. No doubt it will be another emotional roller coaster with a few laughs on the way.............

Look out for the report from the first friendly of the season COMING SOON!

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