Monday, 11 August 2008

David vs. Goliath

Robin Hood FC vs Bestwood Colts FC
Location: Southglade Liesure Center
Date 10/08/08
Time 14:00
Robin Hood 9 - 2 Bestwood Colts
Waiting around was the worst bit, any of you familiar with Sunday league Football know its played on a cold wet Sunday morning on a park that's taken you a hour to find with inadequate toilet facilities at the hangover busting time of half ten!!, yesterday was different, the time for Robin Hood FC's return to footballing action was two o'clock which meant there was time to kill, hanging about listen to all the pro analysis on TV to yesterdays opening clashes in the football league. A sneaky hour on Football Manager 2008 and reading the News of the World from cover to cover twice (not to difficult considering the standard of journalism).
Finally twelve thirty polls round and right on time Do-Nut pulls up outside the casa'de'perry road. The Boss loads the boot with all manner of footballing apparel, and we head to the Robin Hood to meet the rest of the lads.
Now the Robin Hood FC has undergone somewhat of a makeover over the last few weeks with lots of fresh face brought in to play. This was no more apparent as to the arrival in the Robin Hood car park of a Fiat containing what looked like the Backstreet Boys! Turns out they could play a bit!
With everyone there even Mr Ali Brown who we thought would duck out to watch the Tricky Trees in action we headed off to Southglade Leisure Centre. OK the last time I was at Southglade Leisure Centre was when i was still at college (so yes that was sometime back now!!!). However i was aware that it had had some money spent on it since then so was interested in what it would be like. Well what a transformation it looked nothing like it used to it was all shiny and shit! So we make our way to the new artificial pitches.
The miracle of modern technology, artificial pitches have come a long way since QPR's ill fated flirtation with the it in the early eighties. This stuff was excellent and the comments from the players is it took a stud well and played as close to the real thing as possible.
So after a brief warm up and some inspiring words from the Boss (hmmm!) it was time to get under way. The warm but blustery weather had its impact on the game and it was noticeable that it was the first time back in action for some of the guys. Despite the obvious age and size difference Coopers Troopers (Bestwood Colts) did not shirk any challenge and if anything they were the more aggressive at first. The scoring was opened by the Robin Hood, a slightly contentious off side was flagged after a shout from the defensive line to which the ref waved play on allowing the Robin Hood to break the deadlock. This opened the game up and in no time the Robin were two up, making advances into the box the player was held back and a penalty was given and duly converted by Chris Sykes which was to be the first goal of his hat-trick. The game ebbed and flowed with Bestwood Colts giving a good account of themselves in all areas of the pitch. Rolling substitution kept the match fresh and help out those regaining fitness levels. Bestwood manage to pull a goal back, however before half time a penalty was awarded to Bestwood but was saved by Adam in the sticks for the Robin.
Second half was very similar to the first only the goals flowed more freely, Chris Sykes completed his hat-trick, while Ali Brown expertly (ha ha he told me to put that) curled a free kick into the keeper's far post corner, capping a good performance from (not so) young Mr Brown and he manged a full ninety minutes, however will be missing for the next two games because he is being dragged down to the big smoke for some quality time with his missus and her mam! Rocking up from the back Mark AKA Donner Kebab also managed to get his name on the score sheet, along with a solid performance from Lee upfront who also got on the score sheet meant Robin Hood looked good value for there win. Bestwood managed another goal in the second half with the final score being 9-2 to the Robin Hood. But make no mistake Bestwood performance was commendable and despite the scoreline can be proud of the manner in which they played. Every area on the pitch for the Robin yielded good performances (I apologise as I do not know all the new guys names but will learn them over the season and you'll get the recognition you deserve in this blog) so things look good, but there is still work to do over the next few weeks which will hopefully set them up to hit the ground running when season proper begins.
After the game the lads returned to the Robin for a few well deserved bevvies and banter which seem to be mainly directed toward Mark, his love of the Kebab and how this has a negative effect on his waist line.
So first friendly down, and another coming up this Saturday 16/08/08 (details to follow)
(Pics to be added later)
Finally managed to pin down Bestwood Colts manager Joe (Moroccan) Cooper for his view of the game...
"despite the scoreline it was a good performance from bestwood colts who have not played for 2 seasons. A few glaring errors from the Colts goalkeeper meant that Robin Hood were gifted a number of goals. Credit cannot be taken away from the Robin Hood who did play very well at times. Man of the Match given to young Ali Brown!"
Cheers Cooper,
Next friendly Saturday 16/08/08, report to follow shortly after.

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