Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Messing About on the River

Sunday 19/10/08
Victoria Embankment
Dovecrest v Robin Hood FC
Two weeks, two bloody weeks and no game whats that all about!!! Well after a significant lay off for the international break (not sure what countries any of our boys were playing for, though I'm sure I saw Downsey come on for Heskey against Belarus?!?) It was finally time for the Robin to play another league game. So the stage was set, Victoria Embankment next to the picturesque River Trent (hmm!) Opponents Dovecrest, who like the Robin had yet to experience the joy of winning this season. Dovecrest were understrength in fact they were one player short, but showing the determination that so embodies the Sunday league spirit they were still up for it. The Robin were also missing influential goalkeeper Adam, but bravely Chrissy Sykes steps up to the challenge.
So the time rolls round and the geriatric ref gets the game underway (no doubt oxygen on standby)
The first minute and Della has a effort after early pressure straight from kick off. Things are looking good for the Robin in the opening encounters of the half and after ten minutes some good work from Powne down the left sees his shot go out for a corner. OOOH! almost for the Robin Marco and Charlie combine but Dovecrest manage to clear it off the line. Despite the good work for the first fifthteen minutes the seventeenth minute brings what can only be described as a soft soft goal, some shocking defending from the Robin and they find themselves 1 - 0 down. Dovecrest 1 - 0 Robin Hood. A shock for the robin as a mere three minutes later they go 2 - 0 down after a moment of madness from stand in keep Chrissy. Its 68 days till Christmas but Dovecrest were happy to accept an early gift from the Robin. Dovecrest 2 - 0 Robin Hood. Ok ok now is the time for the Robin to pull together and make their numerical advantage count. A turn of pace on the thirty third minute from Charlie sees him clear of the Dovecrest defenders but a good bit of goal keeping denies him a goal. More pressure is put on by the Robin resulting in two long range efforts just before the end of the half from "Young" Ali Brown and Ant "Obi-Wan" Sykes both not getting the desired result. Half time Robin trail by two goals.
The second half starts as the first ended with the Robin pressing their advantage, a good switch from left to right from Welshy give Della a chance on the forty seventh minute but his shot is saved. The forty ninth minute brings just what the Robin needed as the ref awards the Robin a penalty!!! Huzzah the cries ring from the sidelines, this is the turning point of the game. "Young" Ali Brown steps up take it D'OH!!!!!!!!!!!! Dovecrest's keeper saves it NOOO! FFS!! what do the Robin have to do to score. Pressure keeps building surely the Robin will score, fifty nine minutes Della breaks through but sees his shot sail over the bar. Sixty fourth minute and "Young" Ali Brown thunders a shot against the upright! The frustration palpable it fills the air. BREAKTHROUGH!!! finally the Robin hit the back of the net sixty eight minutes and Gazza manages to stare the ball home! Dovecrest 2 - 1 Robin Hood. Sadly the equaliser is not to come, the Robin pile on the pressure in the remaining twenty minutes but Gazza's goal remains their sole contribution to the score line. The game ends and it is obvious the lads are not happy they know it should have been different but mistakes and the inability to finish were the deciding factors in today's game.
So the Robin continue to look for their first win of the season, its coming I know it and when it does it will be the avalanche to start the season really going.
Player Ratings
Chrissy Sykes - 6
Terminator - 7
Downsey - 6
Wayne - 6
Kebab - 6
Powne - 7
"Young" Ali Brown - 7
Obi-Wan - 7
Welshy - 8
Gattuzola -7
Charlie - 6
Gazza - 6

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