Tuesday, 30 September 2008

What No Burger VAN!!!

Sunday 28/09/08

Clifton Playing Fields


FC Digica v Robin Hood FC

Ah! Clifton playing fields means only one thing the Dirty Burger Van, poor quality meat, rubber cheese, and even poorer tasting tea! but that's the charm of it all. The disappointment was too much the Burger Van was not there!!! NOOOOOO! Nothing for it will just have to watch the game burger-less.

A grey Sunday morning, the threat of rain hanging over the game, but overall a nice enough morning not cold just right. No doubt the brisk cold mornings will soon be upon us adding that little extra element to watching Sunday League Football.

So after a week with no game it was time for the Robin Hood to get back to the all important matter of a competitive league game and get some points in the bag. Digica had won their first game of the season but otherwise were an unknown quantity to the Robin. 10:30 rolled round and it was time to get the game underway. Within the first two minutes the chaotic tone was set as a mix up in the Robin defence leads to a narrow miss for Digica. The Robin see a couple of early chances from Obi-Wan and "Young" Ali Brown saved by Digica's keeper. Then disaster seven minutes in a long ball from the back causes panic in the Robin defence and they fall apart GOAL!!! for digica. FC Digica 1 - 0 Robin Hood. Not the best start its early in the game but things are looking decidedly shaky for the Robin and all thoughts of playing a good passing game seem to have been replaced by the obsession to lump it. Twelve minutes Digica break the Robin defence again to score but controversy the linesman had flagged for offside, an offside which was plainly seen by everyone on the touch line, but the Referee dismissed all protests claiming the player was onside, GOAL!!! given. FC Digica 2 - 0 Robin Hood. This seemed to enrage the Robin into motivation and they began to play a bit. Eighteen minutes a long throw see Gazza miss at the far post and on twenty minutes in the words of Jules "Ali shanked it over an open goal". The Robin continue to have chances with Gazza going close again only for the keeper to get a slight touch past the post. Thirty minutes and surely the breakthrough the Robin had been waiting for, Penalty!!! up steps Chrissy Sykes the penalty is struck well enough, but despair as it cannons off the right post. Half time FC Digica 2 - 0 Robin Hood, not the best half at all.
The second half starts and the Robin are on the front foot, surely they will be much better this half. More efforts from the Robin go begging. Some personnel changes sparks a bit of life into the Robin and they start to play football, this is it the Robin are going to get back into this game. The second half ebbs and flows but no goal comes for the Robin. Its getting late and the Robin are being eluded by this goal. Disaster!!! eighty fifth minute the defence errors of the first half appear again as the Robin defence fails to deal with a long ball from the back Digica striker slots home. FC Digica 3 - 0 Robin Hood. Things get worse for the Robin when a carbon copy of the last goal makes it FC Digica 4 - 0 Robin Hood. A comedy of errors at the back caused the Robin all their problems and the lack of the killer touch up front lead to a flattering scoreline for FC Digica which does not give the full impression of the game.
Ah well, Rome was not built in a day the Robin Hood will get their first win, and hopefully that will have a snow balling effect. No Game next week, so a training session to see if the Gaffer and the Guru can iron out the wrinkles that caused the problems this week.
Man of the match for the Robin awarded by FC DIGICA
Marco "GattuZola" Della-Rocca
Player Ratings
Adam - 5
Chrissy - 6
Downsey - 5
Shaggy - 5
Kebab - 7
Swiney - 6
"Young" Ali Brown - 7
Jay "Skip" - 6
GattuZola - 6
Obi-Wan - 6
Gazza - 6
Welshy - 6
Ben - 7

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