Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Double Robbery at Local Park!!!

Sunday 14/12/08
Vernon Park 10:30am
Robin Hood FC v Tricolore

Vernon Park but its an away game, No sausage and bread Bugger!. OK its kinda cold but not as bad as last week, the game is on for a start but that does mean no beer + brekkie combo at spoons. So a Mickey-D's will have to do.

Where is everybody?? The Robin Hood's squad is some what depleted today. But the boys are troopers hopefully some of the momentum from the win over Station Hotel two weeks ago is still flowing through the boys... Lets see.

Peep Peep, and the game is under way. Robin start well knocking the ball about confidently, Tricolore don't look like they have much to offer, but they have won four games leading up to this one. The half continues and the Robin go in search of the cutting edge that has been so intermitent this season. Cammy "Terminator" is running his heart out and showing what a engine he has. Oppotunities come and go but that decisive finish is missing. More good work for the Robin comes from the wing where Ben "J-Lo" is haveing a cracking half tracking back as well as attacking. Adam is having a quiet half in the sticks due to the efforts of the boys in front of him, and saying that Tricolore's keeper has not really been troubled either. The half pans out pretty uneventfuly and the half time whistle goes.

Robin Hood 0 - 0 Tricolore.

If the first half was handed back to the studio for the pundits to analyse they would say that the Robin probably edged it by having the better of the half and if they can turn that slight advantage into a goal they would go on to win it. Or Jamie Redknapp would just say something daft and get a interesting look from Richard keyes.

Anyway enough of that nonsense its time for the second half.

The second half starts where the first left off, with the Robin probing (ooh er!) Tricolore looking for the opening goal that they know they have in them. Sixty minutes, against the run of play and Tricolore take the lead GOAL!!!!!! What happened they have not threaten all game! Arrgh!

Robin Hood 0 - 1 Tricolore. Lets see how the Robin respond. Heads look down this is not a good sign. J-Lo and Terminator continue their excellent games showing the quality they had in the first half. But the Robin are looking a little sluggish, and a sucker punch comes on the seventy second minute, a ball driven into the Robin's box, Tricolore players gets his head to it, GOAL!!!!! F**K! Robin Hood 0 - 2 Tricolore. The Robin are disconbobulated, Kebab is not happy at the back and he is letting everyone know it. Robin's efforts are laboured and six minutes after conceding the second they give up a third, GOAL!!! Robin Hood 0 - 3 Tricolore. This scoreline is flattering Tricolore and that is not an understatment, Robin are ruing missed oppotunities. The finishing touch has dessereted them for another week. Too inconsistent is the Robin's ability to put the ball in the back of the net. Goal!!!!! Late on an own goal gives Robin a little bit of honour back on a scoreline that in all honesty is underserved. Robin Hood 1 - 3 Tricolore.

Back at the Robin and the lads disect the game and their own performances, gutted is the atmosphere, but non more gutted than Pone. Not only had the Robin been robbed with the result, but Pone was actually ROBBED, tracky bottoms containing a mobile phone, forty quid, and an item of immense sentimental value GONE. But fair dues to him he took it in his stride and rode out the piss taking from the other lads.

Player Ratings

Adam - 5

Welshy - 7

Terminator - 8

Kebab - 6

Chrissy Sykes - 6

J-Lo - 8.5

Ali "Sex Pest" Brown - 7

Charlie - 6

Kyle - 7

Pone - 7


Skip - 6

Shaggy - 6.5

The Pickled Onions and Crisps on the bar Man of the Match


(Finally a quick apology to Shaggy, I would like to apologise for taking ten minutes out of my day to school you at pool ha ha, you did not think I'd write this whole thing without mentioning it!)

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