Monday, 8 December 2008

Full English and a Beer Please Love

Sunday 07/12/08
Witherspoons Mapperly Top!!!!!
Quarter finals of the Section Cup, and its cold, really cold. A nice drive in the country side taking in this green and pleasant land and we arrive in Calverton!!! Jack Frost had made it before us and had spread a generous coating of ice all over the pitch, its unlikely to thaw that, games off!!!. Boo. The lads are disappointed, but there is a plan. "Right you lot, get in ya motors we are off to the new Witherspoons on Mapperly top for a full English and a bevvie" The 24 hour licencing laws not so daft now are they.
Now it looks as if all of the Sunday league games in Nottingham had been called off, the whole pub was packed with Sunday morning gladiators glad to be in out the cold and all discussing what excuse to use with the missus for having a beer at this time on a Sunday morning.
The Boys pile in and soon the tills are ringing to the sound of a thousand farm house breakfasts being ordered. Seats are allocated, well first come first serve, though Wayne gets his choice of course. Before you know it the banter starts to fly with the usual name calling, the questioning of each others sexuality, and general tall tales of drinking exploits. Soon the breakfasts start to arrive and Wayne begins to regal us with tales from his past that leave us crying with laughter and stood / sat in amazement, the after dinner speaking circuit is definitely a career option for him. Adam is last to get his breakfast despite being the loudest, but not sure he enjoyed it as spent most of the time eating it while keeping an eye on the vultures around him who were just looking to pick off a sausage.
Bellies full, the disappointment of the canceled game is fading and a satisfied look crosses the lads faces. Oh to be a teenager again the young lads have made their minds up they are going to the park anyway for a kick about and a game of Premiership Knock Out (what ever happened to plain old knock out) Where as the old heads are having non of it. Well time to head for the Robin and on the way have "Young" Ali Brown reveal what a wimp he is openly admitting that even to slightest punch would send him off crying!!.
Player Ratings
Wayne - 1,000,000
Adam - minus 3
Kebab - Smells
Pone - 2 (one for each tassel on his hat!)
J-Lo - 13
Kyle Minogue - 6.7842333
Welshy - Foreign
Ali "Sex Pest" Brown - 69
Charlie - 550bhp
The Gaffer - Short
The Guru - Big
Obi-Wan - Obi-1
Chrissy - In the top 6
Skip - ?????
Gattuszola - Over enthusiastic
Do-Nut - 0 (never really turned up)
Blog Boy - Lost somewhere in that sleeping bag he calls a coat!
Excellent skills keeping everyone alert and laughing through the whole morning
As it was a cup game that was postponed it has been re-arranged for next week 14/12/08.

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