Monday, 23 February 2009

Like a Ballet Dancing Munkey

Sunday 22/02/09
Vernon Park 10:30am
Robin Hood v FC Digica
Would three weeks without a game take its toll on the Robin Hood and bring crashing down the momentum they had built up in the previous three victories? Weather and other factors out of the Gaffer's and Guru's control had conspired to an un-wanted extended break for Robin Hood FC, but ever positive the Gaffer and Guru met as usual on Friday night in the Robin to discuss FC Digica's downfall and sink a few bevvies at the same time.
The first meeting between Robin and Digica had finished in a flattering four nil win for Digica, and Digica in the words of Welshy "They were fucking crap, we should never had lost that" (Please read that in your best/worst Welsh accent). The league showed a five point gap and one place separating Robin and Digica. It had the makings of an interesting game.
A nice mild day down at Vernon park, the new changing facilities finally open, time to play football. First half kicks off, and the first five minutes set the tone for the rest of the game. The Robin come out all guns blazing, first Gattuszola gets the better of the Digica defence but the final effort goes narrowly wide of the upright. Not more than a minute later a cross come in to the Digica area with Pone rising to meet it, a free header, NO! some how it goes over. It was harder to miss. FC Digica don't look to have brought their game with them today and are struggling. The Robin dominate game mixing up between route one and passing flowing football. Quavers kicking is awesome today and the Digica back four has no idea how to cope with it. Digica are in no way troubling the Robin goal in this half due to a combination of poor football and a solid display from Robin's defense. Chances come and go for the Robin but that killer blow which has eluded them in previous games seems to be back, because despite their control over the game they can not put the ball in the back of the net. A couple of opportunities for Kyle are missed but some good football is being played. The first half somehow manages to draw to a close goalless, not through lack of chances mind.
Robin 0 - 0 Digica.
A goal is coming everyone there knows it is just a matter of time. Talk at half time is encouraging as the boys are enjoying playing football rather than just the lump and run of the past.
Second half gets underway and the Robin start as they left the first half. With the exception of Digica's keeper the rest of their team looks decidedly shady almost like they don't want to be there. No doubt this feeling was compounded on the fifty ninth minute as the ball broke for Gattuszola who sent a stunning sixty yard cross field pass to Ali "Sex Pest" Brown, Ali taking on a Digica defender and crossing low and hard for Kyle convert into the back of the net GOAL!!! Robin 1 - 0 Digica. It had been coming but there was a visible sign of relief for the Robin. Now I have been going to watch to Robin long enough now to know that after that first goal they had entered the danger zone!! It normally plays out that the Robin take the lead and then concede an equaliser with in ten minutes. Today though that feeling is not there, the Robin are playing confidently, today is a case of not when they will concede but when will they score again. Again chances are made and squandered. But on the seventy seventh minute Robin are awarded a corner, Ali "Sex Pest" Brown delivers a cracking cross which I was assured (a number of times) was flicked on by Skip to allow Kebab to turn like a ballet dancer (albeit a chunky munkey ballet dancer) and fired the ball into the roof of net GOAL!!! Robin 2 - 0 Digica. This as they say was the final nail in Digica coffin, they looked as though they just wanted the game to end. Robin took advantage of this by being even more dominant. A delay due to an injury to a Digica player and the game resumes. Deep into injury time and all the play is in and around the Digica area. An attempted cross strikes a Digica defender on the arm, PEEP, the Ref points to the spot. Arguments ensue as to who is to take it, with popular opinion being that Big Wayne should take it. Wayne politely declines and Skip steps up. Strikes the ball to the side of the keeper who is down as quick as a shot to parry the ball out where the follow up is deflected out for a corner. The Ref brings the game to and end and cheers of HUZZAH! ring out. Four wins in the last four games for the Robin, things are beginning to click. Long may it continue.
Robin Hood 2 - 0 FC Digica

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