Monday, 26 January 2009

No Battle, No Victory

Sunday 25/01/09
Vernon Park 10:30am
Robin Hood v TriColor
Last weeks victory over Backup had lofted the Robin to the dizzying heights of ninth in the league. This week the Robin were attempting to do something that had alluded them so far this season. Could the Robin string together back to back wins in the league?. On paper things were not looking good TriColor were third in the league and had already beaten the Robin three one in their previous meeting. But the Robin had the wind at there backs and momentum from last weeks game, once again the banter was good and spirits were high. The only thing not there was Wayne who was M.I.A. This meant a new central defensive partnership of Shaggy and Obi-Wan, would it work out?.
Time to get on with it though the ref was looking a little worse for wear, but I was assured he was ill and not hungover, but had toughed it out to turn up today or as the Guru put it "People will do owt for money". Peep peep peep, and the hare is on the move (sorry that's the dogs), kick off. The game starts at a reasonably fast pace for a Sunday morning but with the ball spending most of its time in the middle third of the park. Both sides had good chances in the first ten minutes with Pone latching on to an exquisite ball from Gattuszola that split TriColor defense in two, however Pone only managed to knock the ball wide of the goal, but it was an encouraging sign. Tricolor also had there opportunity after a slight defensive mix up allowed a TriColor player to get past the back line and bear down on goal, with Quavers advancing off his line the TriColor player had to attempt the lob. He did so but his lob was not accurate and the ball sailed wide of the mark. Fifteenth minute and the deadlock is broken a speculative high ball over the Robin defense sees TriColor get in behind and put the ball in the back of the net GOAL!!! Robin 0 - 1 TriColor. Robin pick themselves up and dust themselves off, the goal was against the run of play and the team knows there is a long way to go in this game. Eight minutes later however Robins confidence is given another blow as the ref whistles for a penalty in an questionable decision. Obi-Wan had quite legitimately jumped for the ball with a TriColor player whilst on the by line in the area to the right hand side (from my vantage point) of the goal. The ref obviously had seen something in it and awarded the penalty, GOAL!!! penalty dispatched TriColor extend their lead. Robin 0 - 2 TriColor. What the F**k straight from Robin's restart Skip saw the TriColor keeper off his line and smashed the ball from just inside the Robin's own half which flew over the keepers head and into the onion bag! GOAL!!! Robin are back in it less than a minute after conceding the second. Robin 1 - 2 TriColor. Skip's goal did not give the Robin time to dwell on TriColor's second or the penalty decision and with that a new wave of confidence had washed over the boys. Twenty Ninth minute and a combination of Ali "Sex Pest" Brown's cracking pass and Pone springing TriColor's offside trap saw Pone one on one again this time a different result to the chance in the first ten minutes GOAL!!! Robin 2 - 2 TriColor. The next fifteen minutes saw the Robin have relative control and be the only ones looking like scoring. Peep Peep, half time.
Robin Hood 2 - 2 TriColor.
The second half gets under way with the ref looking ever so ropey and pale, but he is trooper and the game goes on. The first fifteen of this half are very similar to the last in the first half with the robin having most of the play. Sixty first minute and a long range effort from Kebab causes chaos in the TriColor defense allowing Kyle to nip in and poach one for himself GOAL!!! Robin 3 - 2 TriColor. The Robin are dominating the game now and a very mature display from Gattuszola in the centre of midfield is having very positive effects on the younger lads round him (Sorry Ali that does not include you) and most of the play is being orchestrated by the wily old(ish) Italian. An un-intelligible mix up at the back for the Robin when a ball is played over the top by TriColor leads to their equaliser GOAL!!! Robin 3 - 3 TriColor. Hmm is this it then a three all draw is all the Robin are going to get out of a good display? NOPE! Seventy one minutes in Kyle pops up again in the TriColor box and manages to scramble home his second of the game GOAL!!! Robin 4 - 3 TriColor. The Robin's fight is back it has been missing for so long that I had forgotten what it actually looked like. TriColor where shot, arguing among themselves and looking lacklustre in possession all the Robin had to do was run the clock down, and despite Welshy's best efforts to not "GO TO THE F**KING CORNER" with the ball as the Gaffer put it, They managed to see it out.
Robin Hood 4 - 3 TriColor.
Hell yeah! Two wins on the bounce and what a way to do it to coming back from two nil down showed that all the boys have it in them to perform and even go beyond their own expectations. Long may it continue I say. Come on boys go for your hat trick!
Player Ratings
Quavers - 7
Shaggy - 7
Chrissy - 7
Obi-Wan - 7
Kebab - 7.5
J-LO - 6
Skip - 8
Ali "Sex Pest" Brown - 8
Gattuszola - 9
Pone - 7.5
Kyle - 8
Welshy - 6
Dan - 6
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  1. s`pose ur going to blame the snow for not writing this weeks story


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