Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Tea Pot needs a Nick Name

Robin Hood Vs Top Valley United
Vernon Park

The Robin's return, in what seems like an age means they are finally back home to Vernon Park, and hope this will spark a resurgence in form and stick them back onto winning ways! The oppo today are Top Valley United, This is the second meeting of the two this season, the first ended in victory for the Robin under difficult circumstances. Seeing as they had to play most of the game with only ten men in what was already a patched up side! This raised expectation of a result, some notable absentees were the goal keeper Quavers, and defender Kebab. Returning to the side was Muggers while the game gave debuts to Tea Pot and Carl. After a quick trip to McD's for Terminator and Blog Boy and the remainders turning up, it was almost time for kick off.

peep, Peep, PEEP, and were off! Both side start strong playing the ball around, probing, and prodding each other looking for gaps to exploit. This means both defenses have to be sharp, with Tea Pot making a stand out start to his Robin career. The to-ing and frowing continues and Carl shows that he is a capable stand in for Quavers. Knocking on each others doors but nothing until Top Valley win a corner, GOAL!! confusion in the area as the ball is played in and finds it way into the back of the net, from my vantage point I can't make out who got the last touch, but a Top Valley player returning to his position shouts over to their lino that it was an Own Goal. Robin 0 - 1 Top Valley. Robin do not get disheartened by this and continue to plug away. They get their reward when a ball pumped long is latched onto by Muggers who hits a sweet half volley from outside of the box, GOAL!!! Robin 1 - 1 Top Valley. The current score line is a fair reflection of how the game has gone. A little on and Top Valley get a throw in, like most teams now days they have their own version of Rory Delap. Launching the ball into the Robin's area, a flick off someones head and the ball sits up lovely for a Top Valley player to strike it, GOAL!!! Robin 1 - 2 Top Valley. Not long after and Top Valley are exerting pressure on the Robin this ends up with them wining another corner. Its is in honest a poorly delivered ball from the corner but some how ends up causing all sorts of trouble as it bounces round the area like a pinball, but finally a Top Valley player manages to compose himself and fire Top Valley into a two goal lead, GOAL!!! Robin 1 - 3 Top Valley. That is roughly the last action of the game and the Ref ends a enthralling half.

Half time is calm, well in relative terms for the Robin its calm, they feel they can get something from this game.

The second half gets under way, starting at the pace it finished. Both the Robin and Top valley have early chances that go begging, though the Robin's was a more clear cut effort. With all the back forth its the Robin that strike, Magic Pants receives the ball in midfield controlling it and looking up, he spies Muggers making a run, a great ball over Top Valley's defenders heads which lands perfectly in Mugger's path, a few bounces and Muggers slots it past their hapless keeper, GOAL!!! Robin 2 - 3 Top Valley. The Robin are inspired by this and go on making all the running even Welshy pulls off a little show boating with a cheeky back heel to Magic Pants. Top Valley carve out a chance but Carl reads it well and rushes out to deny them the ball bounces around and is acrobatically cleared by Tea Pot. Top Valley break from the back with a long clearance which is latched onto on the left hand side, the Top Valley player puts his head down and runs, out pacing the Robin defender then cutting back in and burying in the net, GOAL!!!, a well taken breakaway goal. Robin 2 - 4 Top Valley. The Robin still feel like the can get and deserve something from this other efforts come, another ball from midfield over Top Valley's defence sees Pone almost score but denied by a good save from the keeper. Another shot is finely saved by the Top Valley keeper leaving the Robin licking their wounds as the game ends.

Robin Hood FC 2 - 4 Top Valley United

The Robin are gutted they knew they should have and deserved to get something out of this game but another defeat it is. There were positives to take away from the game its now down to build on them. Next week is T8's at Vernon again, T8's gave the Robin a right royal spanking last time out, so a bit of payback is in order, but to do that the boys need to be on top of their game.

For this weeks highlights use the link on the side menu to robinhoodfctv on you tube.

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