Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Gaffer Got Up and Put in a Shift

Top Valley United Vs Robin Hood FC

Last weeks defeat was poor and no one was happy. This week things did not look like they were going to get any better with seven players out for many different reasons, suspensions, family commitments, or just getting too pissed the night before tut tut! So bare bones was the name of the game, with the Gaffer gearing himself up for a full ninety minutes, Downsey returned from retirement to help out, and a debut for Porn Star Paul. The car ride up to the ground was surprisingly jovial, with the Gaffer putting it as "No players, backs against the wall, got a Robin Hood win all over it" a nervous laughter rang around the car. The rag tag bunch slowly assembled and changed into the Green and Black of RHFC. The pitch was erm well put it this way was at a odd angle. The PT Sports crew now an ever present at all the Robin's games set up their stuff on the side of the pitch, while trying to make sure nothing blew off in the crazily strong wind.

The game kicks off and the PT Sports crew wince a little assuming they are in for another erm interesting game, any fears they have are gone almost immediately as what has got to be the fastest goal in Robin Hood (even league) history as on twenty four seconds Terminator pops up from his new make shift midfield roll to stick in the back of the net, GOAL!!! Top Valley 0 - 1 Robin. WTF was that, mental but its there it is a goal, what a start for the Robin. The Robin seem a little stunned by it themselves as the game settles into a more equal contest with Top Valley carving out a chance and forcing Quavers into a cracking save. Quarter of an hour in and Terminator has another attempt, the outcome however is different and Robin's advantage remains just the one goal. But not for long, GOAL!!! Jay manages to get the ball into the back of the net, Top Valley 0 - 2 Robin. Whoa, its been a while since the Robin have been in this position, and according to the Guru this could be a bad thing! How will the Robin react. Top Valley finally realise that the wind is behind them so they should be using it to their advantage. Twenty odd minutes and Porn Star suffers a strong challenge which causes his ankle to buckle, its the end of his debut and with the Robin with no subs it means they are down to ten men for the rest of the game! Only a few minutes later and Top Valley use their numerical advantage to peg the Robin back, GOAL!!! Top Valley 1 - 2 Robin. Top Valley are applying pressure on the Robin now hitting the post and making Quavers pull off another good save from the rebound! A minute later and there is nothing Quavers can do as Top Valley equalise, GOAL!!! Top Valley 2 -2 Robin. The game reverts back to a to and frow dynamic, with each team having half chances. Just before half time Terminator pops up again and restores the Robin's lead, GOAL!!! Top Valley 2 - 3 Robin. Its the last action of the first half and the Robin leave the field with a surprise but not undeserved lead.

Top Valley 2 - 3 Robin Hood

The second half kicks of and twenty four seconds comes and goes with out a goal being score, the PT Sports crew feel a little cheated by this. The second half is all Robin Hood this time they have the wind behind them and seeing as they are a man down through no fault of their own they are going use ever advantage they can get their hands on. Terminator has another chance and should be on a hat trick, another chance drops for Gattuszola, but the score remains the same. More and more the Robin pile on the pressure and Top Valley look they will buckle. The Robin are playing as a unit for the first time in an age and it paying dividends, Top Valley don't threaten the Robin goal. Robin's next goal is a matter of when not if it will come. Robin's domination of the game continues up until the death when they are awarded a free kick a fair way out from the goal and off centre, Magic Pants has his eye on it, and what an eye it was as he steers the ball in to the top right hand corner past the despairing Top Valley keeper, Goal!!! Top Valley 2 - 4 Robin. The second half ends the same as the first with the Robin scoring! What a turn around the last two games the Robin have conceded four goals, today they are the ones scoring um!

Top Valley 2 - 4 Robin Hood FC

This result is a testament to what can be achieved if you pull together and work as a team, the whole game had a Robin Hood loss written all over it, but the boys who were there dug deep and showed what true spirit, steel, and dogged determination is. For all those who played that day be proud of what you did.

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