Monday, 18 August 2008

Sunday Footy!!! But its Saturday!!!!

Awsworth Resi vs Robin Hood FC
Location: Hall Park, Eastwood
Date 16/08/08
Time 14:00

Awsworth Resi 0 - 0 Robin Hood

OK OK, let me get this right! Robin Hood FC member of Senior 1 Notts SUNDAY League, notice how I empathised the Sunday there. So its Saturday and the Robin have their second friendly of the season! Fortunately a Sunday league team playing a game on Saturday did not tear a massive hole in the space time continuum as predicted by Nostradamus.....

"Shall those who activity the day after the day before turn and activity the day before the day after. Then great misfortune will be reeked on the world and a great hole appear above the Wood of the East"

But it has not come to pass so lets get on with the job at hand. The Robin Hood FC v. Awsworth Resi. Played at Hall Park, Eastwood.

On arrival the first thing everyone notices is the mini race track with about six model cars zipping round it at break neck speeds. And what appear to be fully grown men with their pasting table set up by the boots of their motors tinkering and tweaking with all manner of mini car bits. The model cars are a welcome distraction for the kids and girlfriends that have turned up (dragged along) to see their hero's play (Hmm!) so while the players change everyone else watches the unfolding drama on the track.

Awsworth FC, are a Saturday team of good quality so there reserves were going to be a good test for the Robin Hood. The friendly was arranged by Stef (Football Guru) and nobody wanted to win it as much as he. The reason being he has to sit opposite the guy who runs the Awsworth

team everyday at work... Ladies and Gentlemen up for grabs was no cup, no league title, no place in European competition, but something more important, something more precious, something money can't buy, not even MasterCard can get you this ---- (maybe I'm hyping this too much) up for grabs was BRAGGING RIGHTS! Do not under-estimate how much bragging rights counts when it comes to Football, so with this on the line its time to get the game under way!!

14:00hrs, Saturday 16/08/08, Overcast, windy, but mild.. Kick off. This game was always going to be a tough test for the Robin in all areas and the first minute set out the pace and style for the rest of the game. A early ball into the Robin box cleared by a towering header from Joe (Moroccan) Cooper. Followed by a long pass for Swiney up front to take it down the right and cross for Lee in the Awsworth area, the Keeper claim the cross. But this set out the first half of solid defense followed by quick counter attack from the Robin. Nine minutes in some good midfield work ends in a through ball for Lee but a little too much on this time Awsworth keeper collects. Back and forth the ball goes with both teams showing they are up for it, again the Robin defense is acquitting itself well under the pressure of the Awsworth attack. Robin midfield again playing well, a good knock from the middle of the park forces Awsworth keeper of his lines to clean up for his defense and clear for a throw in. Eighteen minutes Robin are award their first corner, cross comes in cleared a melee' of activity and Robin have a free kick, straight to the keepers hands. The game continues on un-a-bound with both teams showing good energy considering the early nature of preseason. Twenty one minutes in Chrissy Sykes steals the ball off the oppo midfield powers down the left and knock in an excellent cross on the outside of his boot this causes no end of problems in the Awsworth defensive but ultimately yields nothing for the Robin in terms of goals. But only a minute later and a great cross directly on to the Lee's head but sees the ball sail agonisingly over the bar!. Substitution Swiney off and Jay on, the big mans first friendly (for the Robin) of the season adding a new dimension of height and strength to the attack. A chance for Awsworth goes just over the bar, that was close. Forty Fifth minute Awsworth free kick comes to nothing Adam claims confidently. Whistle blows end of the first half.

A solid defensive display with some encouraging counter attacking from the Robin against good opposition.

Second half kicks off and continues in the same manner as the first. A couple of minutes after kick off a great interchange of passing between Jay and Chrissy sees Jay hit a low powerful drive, a second low shot follows from Ryan in midfield but neither result in a goal. Another free kick to Awsworth but that also ends up safley in Adam's arm. A hard tackle from Kebab results in another free kick to Awsworth which once again is wasted and not troubling Adam between the sticks. Fifty Nine minutes Robin free kick ten yards outside of the area Jay winds up and hits a hard shot directly into the wall (ouch!!). More back and forth between the teams, jostling in and around the Awsworth area results in an acrobatic effort from Jay which goes just wide. A good mazey-esc run from Ryan results in a effort from Ant (Obi-Wan) Sykes which the keeper saves. Awesworth counter from Obi-Wan's effort putting a decent header just wide of the post. Awsworth are putting on the pressure in the run up to the end of the game counter the Robins efforts and again just going wide of the mark. Eighty Eight minutes a pile driver of a shot from Jay, some how the keeper gets to it and pushes it wide for a corner, his hands will be stinging after that!!. Pressure from the Robin mounts and all the play is in the oppo half, but a break and counter from Awsworth sees the Robin in real trouble, then from out of no where comes Kebab (see below for picture included just for the ladies!!) chasing down the Awsworth attacker like he is the last Donner on earth, timing his challenge to perfection Kebab saves the day!! (Full fat mayo for that man!!!). Last minute of the game Robin get a throw in deep in the Awsworth half Kebab steps up and inspired by his Donner chase down antics just moments earlier propels a excellent ball into Awsworths box, Rising like early morning glory (you know what I'm talking about boys) Sean gets his noggin to the throw just to see the ball go about half an inch over the bar. PEEP PEEP PEEP!!! End of the game.

A good test for the Robin from a well organized and intelligent team. An Excellent display from the back four who worked hard for the whole game. Most encouraging was the way the Robin (most of time) kept their shape. A cutting edge up front would have seen the Robin win this game. A lot can be taken from this game, good individual performances but best of all a very very good team effort. Things are starting to take shape for the Robin lets see what else is to come.

(Slight error no Friendly on Sunday, But there will still be a posting next week look out for it!)

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