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Robin Hood FC Vs. Lowdham FC
Location: Woodthorpe Park, Sherwood
Date 31/08/08Time 10:45

Robin Hood FC 4 - 3 Lowdham FC

A warm yet cloudy Sunday morning, the season is almost upon us. Things are returning to equilibrium and the Robin Hood actually have a game on a SUNDAY and in the MORNING!
The only thing missing was the threat and inevitability of a downpour.

A pleasant stroll to the park and on my approach the the pitch a surprise, something that has not happened at a Robin Hood FC game for a long long while, they had a squad! (now I may hear some of you saying duh! don't most football teams have squads?) Well yes that is true but for the first time I can remember Robin Hood had at least seventeen players! An embarrassment of riches that can only be compared to the Galaticos of the forth coming dominant Man City FC (hmm Robhino What The F**k!). Lowdham on the other hand were suffering from the Robin's problem of seasons past and had only manage to scrape together ten players. After running a series of drills on the pitch (yeah I know!!) the game was ready to get going and with the Gaffer acting as referee it was up to the Guru to orchestrate things from the side line.

Kick off! things start at a frenetic pace which would prove the norm for the game. Lowdham were going to offer the Robin a test, they looked fit and (sorry about the cliche') they got stuck in! This was no game of solid defense followed by swift counter attack like Awsworth. Back and forth the Robin struggling to find and maintain shape, disaster fifteen minutes in and Lowdham strike 1 - 0! This seemed to be the kick up the arse the Robin needed. Eighteen minutes the Robin get a corner crossed into the box bodies flying here there and everywhere trying to clear the ball, "Young" Ali Brown ends up the winner and drives the ball home 1 - 1. Robin continued their resurgence playing some good football, a through ball from midfield was latched onto by the Robin Hood's very own Italian import Della-Rocca who calmly placed the ball past Lowdhams keeper, 2 - 1 thirty one minutes, things are looking up. Are the Robin going to stamp their authority on the game? Not quite three minutes after Della's goal Lowdham equalise, the Robin seemingly having switched off. The last ten minutes are played out at the same pace but yield no goals for either side. Half time 2 - 2.

At this point I'd like to mention not only was the squad bulging at the seems (and Kebab that's not another dig at your waist line) but the number of spectators had to be a record high. With the WAGs in attendance (Emma, Faye, Becky and Porn star Paul) cheering on their men. Plus regulars from the Robin and so many kids running around there was a good atmosphere on a pleasant day. Anyhow I digress on with the second half.

The second half resumed and with Lowdham down another player a quick loan deal is arranged so Gaz "That was a Sitter" Fountain pulls on the yellow shirt of Lowdham. The game continues in the same vain as the first half, if only with a little less vigor. The shape of Robin continues to be an issue but with rolling subs being used roughly every twenty minutes its to be expected. Fifty eight minutes see Ant "Obi-Wan" exploit a Lowdham keeper error to slot home and make it 3 - 2. Lowdham continue with a strong challenge but the Robin (despite shape concerns) grow in confidence. A strong midfield display continues Robin's rise. Late in the second half (eighty fifth minute) Jay steps up and powers a shot past the keeper which in all honesty he did not have much chance of getting to, 4 - 2. The Robin took their foot off the gas after their fourth goal and it showed two minutes from time when Lowdham grabbed a potential life line bring the score to 4 - 3. But it was to no avail as the Robin held out the last few minutes to come through a strong test by a good team with a victory.

This would normally be the end of this weeks report however once the game had finished the whole squad made its way back to The Robin Hood (Mansfield Road) for the eagerly anticipated launch of the new kit (and some chips and sausages).

After the initial banter, Sunday league footballer bragging and posturing about how they were the best on the pitch the Gaffer called the whole squad into the pool room. Some inspirational words from the Guru and a small speech from the Gaffer lead us to the point of reveal. (See below)

The Gaffer shows the lads the new home kit
After the gasps and wows of the crowd had dimmed the Gaffer revealed the new Keeper top. (See below)

The Guru and Phil look on approvingly as the keeper top is revealed
Following the excitement of the kit launch came one of the most important parts to the start of the new season, the naming of the captain! DRUM ROLL PLEASE ..........................................
................................................................. Ladies and Gents your Captain for this season, JAY! vice captain appoint due to his un-wavering commitment shown to the club ANT "OBI-WAN"

One thing left to do, the Squad photo. See below this years hero's. COM'ON ROBIN!!!!!!!


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