Wednesday, 22 April 2009

And Now the End is Near

And Now the End is Near

The votes have been cast, collected, and counted. Awards are being engraved and there is one final match to go.
An up and down season, a roller coaster you may say but nether the less all things must end.

All season long I have had the privilege of writing about all of your exploits, the wins, the loses, and some exciting draws. But with the summer almost upon on us and many of you will be packing your bags to head off to sunnier climes to drink, eat and be merry. So what of the blog! Well, in the interests of good form the blog will continue through the summer! One of the ways it will continue is through you! yes I'm talking to you.... So on that note....... Drum roll please................. I give you...... for the first time ever................................
"The Oliver Reed"
Award for Services
To Drinking and Mischief
Yep this is a brand new award! you have Players Player, you have Sports Man, and you have Player of the year...... But what can you win in the summer months. Here it is "The Oliver Reed Award for Services to Drinking and Mischief" is this blogs first ever award. To keep things going I want the best stories about Players and others associated with the club to let me know what you get up to over the close season, Drunken shenanigans, practical tricks, hilarious photos. I want them all! (remember the more embarrassing the better) The best story will win the "Oliver Reed Award for Services to Drinking and Mischief" as seen above. They shall then be able to show the award off in the pub over next season to show the others just what can be achieved if you get up to no good!
So have at you boys (and girls) are you up for the challenge, huh huh are ya!
(The stories will be judge by an esteemed panel of mischief makers, and I promise you no Amanda Holden or Piers Morgan... These are skilled practitioners of fun and frolics. For anymore details those of you that know me ask, phone, text. Or there is always email or Facebook. Judges are very much open to corruption and they like shiny stuff)
Next post final game of the season. Which will be here on the 30/04/09, thank you please.
Blog Boy.


  1. might be able to help you there gg uni lads have the most fun

  2. Ha Ha, no doubt feel free to send us something funny!!


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