Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I Got Woody!!!!!!!!

Sunday 05/04/09
Southglade 10:30am
Bayliss Caravans v Robin Hood

First of all an apology for the tardiness of this weeks blog, it was such a long walk back from the pitch at Southglade and it is only now that have made it back to civilization.
OK, First up Quavers our ever eccentric Keeper was working away this weekend much to his dismay and the last stand in keeper Shaggy was beginning his suspension for a sending off earlier in the season. This left The Gaffer to step up to the plate and cover between the sticks.
Standing at an imposing 5'4", The Gaffer made for an interesting last line of defense for the Robin. Despite his size The Gaffer is an excellent 5-A-Side keeper, lets see if that could translate to full sized goals.
After warming up (Just the trek to the pitch was enough) It was almost time to kick off. The pitch was somewhat skew-wiff, and a few of the boys had had previous encounters with each other.
Peep Peep Peep, The game begins, and straight away its obvious that Bayliss are thinking the diminutive figure of The Gaffer is the Robin's weakest link. The Robin are not looking them selves today and five minutes in a lofted ball into the Robin area sees a Bayliss player loop a header over The Gaffer, GOAL!!! Bayliss 1 - 0 Robin. Not the start the Robin needed and confidence is knocked. Tempers fray already and there is a coming together of Skip and a rather mouthy Blonde player from Bayliss. The Ref does really well and controls the situation. The feeling on the sideline was this could boil over. This did not come to be however as the Ref controlled game in a very admirable way. The half continues and The Robin look a shadow of the team that returned to winning ways over Pheasant last week. Heads are down and Bayliss continue to run the play. A brief moment of inspiration from the Robin see Ali "Mr Magic Pants" and Gattuszola see a great crossed played in for Obi-Wan the head agonisingly over. That constitutes the only real chance for the Robin in the first half.
Bayliss 1 - 0 Robin.
Second half gets underway and at least the sun is still shining. The Robin are starting to look sloppy with lazy passes and players looking completely uninterested in what is going on. Despite this the Robin are still only one nil down. That changes when on the fifty fourth minute when sloppy defending allows a gift of a goal to Bayliss, GOAL!!! Bayliss 2 - 0 Robin. Bayliss double their lead and they look good for it. The Robin can not find a response, the players look fatigued and like they are counting the minutes to the end of the game. A couple of substitutions from the Robin bringing on Pone and Chrissy. Despite this no impact is made on the game and in truth it fizzles out toward the end. The Robin lose this game, though it was not the worst performance of the season it was close.
Bayliss Caravans 2 - 0 The Robin Hood
Player Ratings
The Gaffer - 7
Welshy - 6
Wayne - 7

Terminator - 6.5

Kebab - 6.5

Obi-Wan - 6

J-LO - 6.5

Skip - 5

Ali "Mr Magic Pants" - 5.5

Gattuszola - 6

Kyle - 8 MOM


Pone - 4

Chrissy - 6

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