Tuesday, 14 April 2009

OOOOH! Right in the Jacobs!!!!

Sunday 12/04/09
Woodthorpe Park 10:30am
Robin Hood v Hudson Roofing
So here it is the penultimate game of the season and the last home game of 08/09. Now I say home game, but due to Vernon park being all booked up the game was switched to Woodthorpe park. After the shocker that was last week the Robin needed to sort themselves out. This was the perfect opportunity as Hudson had knocked them out of the cup a couple of months back then beat them in the league the following week. So revenge was on the cards. Quavers was restored to goal after a weeks absence and the rest of the team looked strong. The location had the added bonus by attracting a few more people to watch than normal due to its closer proximity to The Robin Hood itself. So on to the game.
The whistle blows and the games gets off at a frenetic pace. It looks as if Hudson have come here to counter attack. The Robin put early pressure on and it becomes clear that this is not going to be the same as last weeks lackluster performance. OUCH! six minutes into the game and Obi-Wan feels the FORCE (Get it, force, Obi-Wan, I'll get me coat!) of the match ball firmly to his family jewels. After a few moments of writhing around in what has now been established as a pain worse than child birth, Obi-Wan gingerly got to his feet. The boys were running there socks off today, the mythical 110% was being put in. Hudson continued their counter attack style coming close on a couple of a occasion but nothing really to trouble Quavers. Tackles are flying in and the games is getting a real edge to it now. On thirty minutes Ali "Mr Magic Pants" is brutally assaulted by a Hudson defender a few yards out of Hudon's area. The keeper organises his wall and Skip prepares to strike it. Skip thunders the ball towards goal, Hudon's keeper manages to get down it but can only parry to the on coming Robin players, a scramble ensues, GOAL!!! J-LO, pops up to bury it. Robin 1 - 0 Hudson. Get in there my son. This gives Hudson a kick up the arse and they come at the Robin harder than before, the remaining ten minutes is all Hudson pressure, the Robin defence is under the cosh, but they pull together and battle hard against the Hudson onslaught. Ref plays well over five minutes of added on time then finally blows to bring the half to an end. Robin survive, and the lads are buoyed by it.
Robin 1 - 0 Hudson.
The second half reverts back to type with the Robin doing most of the running and Hudson hitting them on the break. More dubious challenges are coming from both sides now, but the ref controls the game well allowing it to flow. Obi-Wan is the games enforcer today, and it winds up Hudson. Especially when he bowls over a Hudson player then proceeds to walk over his back!. On sixty three minutes Obi-Wan is at it again, checking a Hudson player in the box (who to be fair went down faster than Gillian Taylforth in a Land Rover) The Ref awarded Hudson the penalty and things were not looking good. Now the only way to describe the penalty taken by the Hudson player is to compare it to Roberto Baggio's effort in the final of the world cup USA 94. Its still rising now I think! Well the Robin escaped this time but there one nil advantage is looking fragile. Hudson though are looking drained like the penalty miss had knocked the wind out of their sails. This was compounded when on the seventy third minute Gattuszola chases down a loose ball, his pace too much for the beleagued Hudson defence, GOAL!!! Gattuszola calmly strokes the ball in to the onion bag. Robin 2 - 0 Hudson. Well if Hudson were low before this goal, then now they had hit rock bottom. Any fighting spirit had left them, they all just wanted to go. The game cruised to its conclusion, with only about thirty seconds of added on time being played.
A great team performance from the Robin, everyone working and fighting for each other.
Robin Hood 2 - 0 Hudson Roofing
Player Ratings
Quavers - 8
Welshy - 8
Wayne - 8
Obi-Wan - 8
Kebab - 8
J-LO - 8
Skip - 8
Ali "Mr Magic Pants" - 8
Pone - 4+4
Gattuszola - 8
Kyle - 8
Quavers, Welshy, Wayne, Obi-Wan, Kebab, J-LO, Skip,
Ali "Mr Magic Pants", Pone, Gattuszola, Kyle
Well done lads!


  1. all players man of match yer aving a lafff

  2. oh yes they was being that good.

    The Chair

  3. gibbergibbon back to uni where`s the blog

  4. Hi there, welcome back, there was no game on Sunday, but there will be a post here soon, stay tuned,
    Cheers Gibber


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