Monday, 8 September 2008

"I Got a Touch to it You Bell End!!!"

Sunday 07/09/08
Woodthorpe Park
NO GAME, Training Session!
First of all a thank you to Adam "Neville Southall" Swietlinski for supplying the title of this weeks blog and the quote of the day.

"I got a touch to it you bell end!"

So no game! WTF! first game of the season postponed due to poor weather a decision that was made on Friday by the Council every game called off. What a kick in the nuts, all the lads wound up looking forward to getting the league campaign underway (with a win of course) to be shot down by the pencil pushers. Now I'm no meteorologist (weatherman) but to call off every game because it is raining on a Friday strikes me as a little over the top. Did no one have the sense to say lets wait and see? after all the games are played on Sunday and the weather changes. As it was the decision had been made so there was no game (by the way if you were out Sunday morning you would have notice how nice it was, warm, dry, perfect footballing conditions).
Anyway in the face of adversity true greatness prevails (now I'm going over the top ha-ha). A training session was organised and fingers were crossed that the turn out would be good. Any worries from the management team regarding the commitment of the players were unfounded as an excellent attendance proved that the boys are up for it this year and they want to play football. Now with it being a training session there is not much that can be written about. The Gaffer and the Guru split up the lads and got a game under way. The Guru acting as official while the Gaffer went between the sticks (an interesting sight i assure you as the official dimension for goal posts are 8ft in height and 24ft in width, the Gaffer on the other hand is about 5ft 2") he hardly created an intimidating barrier, but what he lacked in size he made up for in agility. The game was played in a good manner, goals were scored, names were called, a all round a good training session.

Back to the Robin to analyse the training session over a few bevvies and to be regaled with the sexual mis-adventures of Po! Interesting to say the least. Anyhow time to think about next week and what will be the opening game of the 08/09 season, Its at Vernon Park 10:30, versus Premium, be there or be a plane rectangle with four equal sides and four right angles.

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