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Out Jumping Downsey

Out Jumping Downesy,
Blog-Boy's Morning Training with the Robin Hood
Sunday 21/09/08

No Game, Training Woodthorpe Park

Ok ok, Sunday morning and no game again!!! A alignment in the stars and Jupiter passing through Uranus have combined to give the Robin Hood a buy into the next round of the cup. This being the case it meant a free Sunday, not that it would be a opportunity for the lads to relax as the Gaffer organised a training session.

I considered this the perfect opportunity to join in and show the lads how deadly a left shin could truly be. The Gaffer had a few ideas in his head on how to make the training before a mini game "Fun". A good turn out saw the Gaffer and the Guru split us into two teams of seven. I was on Ant (Obi-Wan's) side called (surprisingly The Obi-Ones, get it its a play on words ha ha hmm anyway) our opposition was lead by the Robin Hood's very own Gattuso, Zola hybrid Marco (Della's Warriors). After a light jogging and stretching session the Gaffer explained that there would be a few games between the teams and that for each game won the winning team would be awarded a goal in the later mini game.

Della-Rocca (Gattuso, Zola hybrid)

The first mini game was a test of ball control and speed, The object was to dribble round a set number of cones the return a pass to the next member of your team, repeat until everyone had done this twice and returned to the original starting point. The banter began, derogatory comments exchanged between each team in regards to the level of skill they posses, then it was on. It was a tight race, there was some interesting interpretations of dribbling and some even more wild passing. But eventually The Obi-Ones emerged victorious, in no small part down to my own Usain Bolt turn of pace (ha ha maybe not).

Round two. Sprint test. The Gaffer placed a ball at the end of a paced out distance and explained the objective. The first person in the line would sprint to the ball pick it up and sprint back to the team handing (not throwing) the ball to the next team member. Then the next team member would sprint and return the ball sprint back and tag the next member to go. Repeat till all team members had completed it twice. CONTROVERSY!!! The teams contested the event and it was edged by Della's Warriors, how ever independent adjudicator (The Guru) had judge that Della's Warriors had been throwing the ball not handing it over and called for the race to be re-run. This time a different result as The Obi-Ones claim their second victory of the morning.

Round three. Keep ups, ball skills. Right The Obi-Ones are 2 - 0 up and the third round was all about how long you could keep the ball in the air between your team members. After a few minutes practice it was time to start for real. Della's Warriors were first up displaying the sort "ball in the air skills" which would make the Brazilian Ladies beach volley ball team proud. A target was set and it was up to us The Obi-Ones to beat it!!! Now despite my electrifying pace lighting up the first to rounds (ha ha) In this round I was found wanting. Despite the best efforts of my considerably more skillful team mates I let them down and the round went to Della's Warriors.

Round four, Final round. Penalties. Pretty self explanatory this round, the Gaffer between the sticks each member of the teams to take one penalty. Up first the victors from the last round Della's Warriors. A Stirling performance from the Gaffer in goal stopping Della's Warriors from scoring all their penos! Next up The Obi-Ones, another display of cat like reflexes from the Gaffer but The Obi-Ones just edge it so go into the mini game 3 - 1 up!!!.

Finally the game got under way, players were restricted to three touches of the ball. The game started at a good pace and I was put in a position by my team where I could cause less damage to them and probably Della's Warriors to!. If I thought it was going to be friendly I was wrong as a number of collisions with Downsey left me battered, cut, and with a dead leg! I think he went in like that as earlier I had out jumped him for a header which everyone saw despite Downsey's protests (The reason he would not be happy with this is that I'm five foot fuck all and Downsey is about eight foot tall!) Anyway the game continued. A controversial tackle on GattuZola which lead to Jules scoring, caused a some what heated debate between GattuZola and the Gaffer. It calmed down and the game continued.

Half time and I have no idea what the score is.

The second half gets underway and the three touch rule still applies. I start between the sticks and immediately make an impact as Charlie places a shot right between my legs to score. Midpoint into the second half and the three touch restriction is lifted allowing the full range of silky skills possessed by the Robin Hood to shine through. A few nut-megs and many goals later and the game is brought to a close and I still do not know what the score is??? but that does not matter as the only real concern for me is to make sure Downsey has not cause me any lasting damage (ha ha).

Another good turn out for a training session at what must be a frustrating start to a season where only one competitive game has been played. But no fear cause normal service is resumed next Sunday 28/09/08 as the Robin Hood take on FC Digica at Clifton Playing Fields, 10:30am. Feel free to come down and cheer on the boys and if we are lucky the burger van will be there. HMMMM Burgers!

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