Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Chew a Beer Mat and Keep it STUM!!!

Sunday 18/01/09
Top Valley School 10:30am
Backup United v Robin Hood FC
The truth is last week just was not good enough. It was time for the Gaffer to change the dressing room into the dressing down room. However the home truths were delivered outside as the dressing room smelt like a sweaty dead fox. Each player is handed a copy of the current league table, it does not make for good reading. Robin Hood FC bottom of the league not what was expected at the start of the season. The Gaffer delivers an impassioned talk backed up by the Guru and rallies the troops. They can win this game, they have the talent, all they needed was the self belief.
The last game between Backup and the Robin ended up in a five all draw, not the best day for both of the back fours. Would we get a similar result today? Despite the blazing sunshine and blue sky it was cold with a bitter wind. But enough of the weather report time for the game.
Peep Peep, First half under way. Did not start like a lot of Sunday league games as it began with pace. Both sets of players seemed up for it, Backup's giant centre back looked commanding and the new 4-5-1 formation of the Robin gave them the numbers in midfield they seemed to be lacking in previous games. The movement still needed work and there was a tendency to lump the ball rather than playing on the floor as god intended (see Brian Clough). But all in all very much a better start than last week lethargic performance. Twenty one minutes in and a slick move started by Ali "Sex Pest" Brown passing to Kyle for a flick through that was latched on to by Pone. Pone's pace saw him through to slot the ball home GOAL!!! All good but Pone you were out of position tut tut hug that touch line you monkey! Backup 0 - 1 Robin. Good start they had got the ball in the back of the net. The jubilation did not last as only seven minutes later a cracking cross from the right hand side of the Robin box cleared Obi-Wan's head to allow Backup's player to chest and volley into the onion bag, great finish acknowledge by everyone, but still GOAL!!! Backup 1 - 1 Robin. Heads did not drop as the Robin realised they had a job to do. In fairness Backups goal was really all they had in a first half that was scrappy but largely dominated by the Robin (when they decided to play football). The half flowed with only a few short stops. Peep Peep end of first half not bad not bad, and The Terminator was leaking Red Diesel for the cause.
Backup 1 - 1 Robin.
The Gaffer and the Guru went through the half time team talk. They knew they had edged that first half and had the beating of Backup in them, they just needed to show the spirit that had seen them win against Station Hotel.
Refreshments over, time for the second half. Starting where they had left off in the first half, the Robin began to play. Kyle began looking a lot sharper than the first half, as if it had taken him forty five minutes to wake up. Gattuszola and Ali "Sex Pest" Brown were pulling the strings in the centre of midfield with Pone and the Terminator offer a outlet on the wings. Defensively the Robin looked good, with Shaggy showing that his patience on the sideline was worth the wait as he puts in a commendable performance in the back four. Sixty Sixth minute and Gattuszola goes on a run. Running at the Backup defense they seemed to be lost as he ghosted passed them, the run culminated in a cross from the right hand side of Backup's box that was half cleared by the defense to Ali "Sex Pest" Brown who thundered in a low powerful drive GOAL!!!! Backup 1 - 2 Robin. From this point on the Robin took control of the game though it was not perfect they never really looked like they were going to lose it. This was confirmed on the seventy fifth minute as a defense splitting pass from Gattuszola sent the Terminator away, hunting the ball down like Sarah Conner and dispatching it in a cold mechanical way (or it may have bounce back at him and gone in off his shin/face/arse) GOAL!!!. Backup 1 - 3 Robin. The Robin cruised to the final whistle and the relief was palpable. This win was very much needed.
Backup United 1 - 3 Robin Hood FC.
Some of the spirit from the past had returned and the lads were visibly chuffed that they had won, but again this needs to be a spring board and the momentum gathered needs to continue. A special mention to Quavers (Adam) who so happy with the win tried to put his head through the Guru's windshield on the drive to the Robin.
Player Ratings
Quavers - 7
Shaggy - 7.5
Obi-Wan - 7
Wayne - 7
Kebab - 7.5
Terminator - 8
Ali "Sex Pest" Brown - 9
Skip - 7
Gattuszola - 7.5
Pone - 7
Kyle - 8
Man of the Match in association with Boots Warm Lube
Ali "Sex Pest" Brown

Goal Scorer PONE
Goal scorer Terminator

Goal Scorer & MOM Ali "Sex Pest" Brown
The Guru & Quavers

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  1. Good write up but to much of a gap between photos after shaggy


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