Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Waste of a Morning

Sunday 11/01/09
Calverton 10:30am
Hudson Roofing v Robin Hood FC

In the months I have been writing the blog for the Robin Hood FC I have never been embarrassed in doing it (unless you count being picked up on grammatical and spelling errors, Cheers Red and 2Shorts). Even in defeat, of which there has been too many, I have always seen the positives and never really questioned the teams effort or spirit.
The bravado and grandstanding in the car park before the game gave the Robin an air of confidence which unfortunately did not transfer on to the pitch. Hudson Roofing have, sorry had a worse record than the Robin and despite the their cup win over the Robin last week on paper the Robin should be too strong for them.

The first half and Hudson had managed to scrape together enough players to get things going. There was no ref so it was agreed between the teams that The Gaffer would officiate. Normally I would now write about all the incident and gladiatorial battles that ensued in the first half. However, without doubt and exception (which includes all the Scottish Football I have watched) it was the most incident free, dull first half in history. The first ten minutes or so the Robin had a numerical advantage which they failed to capitalise on and neither team offered anything remotely resembling a straight cut chance the whole half. So unsurprisingly the first half ended nil nil.

Hudson 0 - 0 Robin.
A moment of inspiration, a mistake or quality football is what the second half needed. Unlike the first half goals were not going to be scarce. We did not have to wait long for the first to come along, forty ninth minute a through ball split the Robin Hood defence in two and Hudson's striker sized the opportunity and buried it. Hudson 1 - 0 Robin. Despite the goal the game still lacked anything enthralling and it seem to me that most of the players on the pitch were just going through the motions. By my timing the next goal came on the sixty ninth minute again against the Robin. Hudson 2 - 0 Robin. The game lumbered on, few chances made, with the lacklustre performance beginning to show on all faces. Calamity!, eighty third minute another shocking display of defending. Hudson 3 - 0 Robin. Two minutes later Robin have a chance to redeem themselves, if ever so slightly, when they are awarded a penalty. The Terminator steps up and with machine like efficiency dispatches the ball into the back of the net. Hudson 3 - 1 Robin. Rather than build on this and restore some dignity to the performance the Robin collapse again and concede another from a corner, woeful marking! Hudson 4 - 1 Robin. The half continues into what seems like endless time added on / injury time. This allows the Robin to grab one more as Pone sets up Gattuszola to drill the ball home. Hudson 4 - 2 Robin. People on the sideline are getting agitated by the length of added on time being played which is not helped when the Robin are awarded another penalty. This time Skip steps up and thunders the ball against the bottom of the right hand upright. Poetic justice is heard on the sideline. The game ends, Hudson 4 - 2 Robin.
In terms of player ratings I was informed by the Gaffer that everyone on the pitch received a FIVE (which I consider generous) with the exception of the Terminator who for his efforts gets a NINE.

Normally in this last paragraph I sum things up and put a positive spin on things but in all honesty it has pained me to write this, so I will conclude by saying Backup United next week see you there.

I'll leave the last word to TV pundit Alan Hansen

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  1. This weeks blog was a fabrication of lies,we were not THAT good !!!!



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