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Sunday 04/01/09
Calverton 11:00am
Hudson Roofing v Robin Hood FC

It was FA Cup weekend, which means shocks and giant killings. Forest (Dirty Reds) lead the way with a three nil thumping of the richest club in the world Man City. Cup fever was also alive and well in Calverton. Two re-arranged Section Cup quarter finals being played at the same park! 10:30am kick off saw Calverton Cherry Tree play Pheasant Inn Sunday (Finished 2 - 1 to Calverton Cherry Tree for your information). However the 11:00am kick off is what we are interested in Robin Hood FC against Hudson Roofing. League form goes out of the window when it comes to the cup but seeing as neither the Robin or Hudson had particularly good run of late in the league it could be difficult to call this one.

It was cold! very cold. Gloved fingers were crossed it would not be called off again, but to the relief of all it was on. The lads changed and made their way to the picturesque pitch which over looked open countryside. The ref appeared looking like Buster Blood Vessel and after a quick warm up (lucky them) it was time to start.

PEEP PEEP! The first half kicks off. A tentative start from both sides, probing each other getting a feel for the ball and the pitch (which by the way was rock solid and bobbley, not what you need for a Arsenal style flowing football). The Robin started to make the early running, with some good football considering the conditions with Hudson looking to hit on the counter attack. Some woeful finishing and passing saw Robin riding their luck a little, but otherwise the game went back and forth offering little in the way of guilt edged opportunities for either side. On thirty six minutes the breakthrough came, Hudson conceded a throw in deep in their half, up stepped Kebab-Delap to launch a trademark long throw into the box. The Skipper rose like a majestic salmon swimming upstream to return to its ancestral mating waters and nodded it past the rooted Hudson goal keeper GOAL!!! Hudson 0 - 1 Robin Hood. Hudson's heads dropped, "This could be a rout" I commented to Do-Nut on the sideline. Considering Hudson awful defensive record this season it was not out of place. The Robin dominated the remaining ten minutes of the first half without really carving out a chance for a second. PEEP, PEEEEEEP!

Hudson 0 - 1 Robin Hood

An eagerly awaited second half got underway with those here to watch the Robin having the feeling that things are going their way. However Hudson Roofing did not see it that way and had rallied themselves during the break and manage to raise their heads. Game on. This half Hudson showed some metal and again only a lack of quality denied them an equaliser. Hudson were now pushing to level things, which meant a role reversal from the first half with the Robin hitting Hudson on the counter. Opportunities came and went for both sides but nothing seemed to really endanger the score line. Robin defense was holding up well, with the Terminator seemingly to be in all places at all times, taking knocks but getting back up "That Terminator is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead" or he has won the ball and spanked it out for a throw in. As the day got colder the match drew closer to end, Hudson upped the pressure on the Robin pegging them back into their half. Six minutes, SIX FUCKING MINUTES to go that's all that separated Robin and a semi final of the cup GOAL!!!!! Hudson took advantage of a huge gap in the Robin defense to finally claim the equaliser. Hudson 1 - 1 Robin Hood. Hudson gathered momentum from the goal and continued to pressure the Robin. Hudson could have nicked it before the end of normal time but the ghost of shocking finishing came back to haunt them as their number nine tickled rather than struck the ball toward an open goal, something for which his own supporters gleefully took the piss out of him for. PEEP PEEP.

Hudson 1 - 1 Robin Hood.

Extra Time

Jesus H Christ it was cold and the last thing anyone wanted was extra time, but that is what is needed so after a short break thirty more footballing minutes awaited. The first half of extra time was similar to the beginning of the second in normal time with Robin hitting at Hudson on the break. Again chances came and went for both sides with the quality of the finishing the major factor in the lack of goals.
Second half of extra time saw the Gaffer come on for Pone to make his season debut. The buzz on the side of the pitch was he was likely to grab the winner and spend the rest of the season gloating about it. This almost happened when Ali "sex pest" Brown angled a ball into the box which had it had cleared the defender would have dropped kindly to the Gaffer. But it was not to be, tired legs began to show from both sides and the second half of extra time drew to a close. The trauma of penalties followed.

Robin Penos
Gattuszola - Miss
Kebab-Delap - Miss
Obi-Wan - Miss

Hudson Penos

Scored their first three

Hudson win 3 -0 on penalties

In fairness to Hudson goalkeeper he did well and made three good saves. Heartbreak for the Robin and the cup dream ended for another year.
Well boys time to concentrate on the league and start moving up that Mo-Fo.
You have instant chance for revenge as it Hudson Roofing again on Sunday this time there is three points at stake!!!!!

Skip Goal Scorer

Cammy "Terminator"

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