Thursday, 8 October 2009

Eight by name 8 by nature

T8's V Robin Hood FC
Hucknall Town Training Ground

Another week, another trip to Hucknall, not so bad really considering the original venue was Hall Park in Eastwood which is a fair old poke. This weeks oppo are once again an unknown quantity. Probably the team with the shortest / strangest name in the league T8's. They were the Robin's test for the fourth game of the season. Arriving at Hucknall Town's (Blue Square North) Ground today's game was to be played on their training pitch adjacent to clubs stadium. Nice pitch will probably be the best we play on all season. The PT Sports crew set up their travelling media centre on the side of the pitch as the players trickled out the the changing rooms. Milling round word reaches us that the Ref has been in a minor car collision and his arrival is delayed. The teams go through their warm up routines, T8's looking every bit a well put together side. The Ref finally arrives and once again the Robin have to have a later than advertised kick off.

Peep Peep Peep, The Ref gets the game under way. Within minutes T8's have a chance, something that we would see often during the game. Not that the Robin did not have theirs, not long after T8's first chance the Robin have a goal ruled out for offside! The next five minutes see T8's create three more chances, one of which they take with gusto, GOAL!!! T8's take the lead, even in these early stages its looking like its going to be a real test for the Robin. T8's 1 - 0 Robin. Not long after the goal and T8's carve out another opportunity, cor blimey. T8's break closing in on the Robin's area, Cooper pops up at the right time pulling off a cracking tackle firm but fair. Cain has a chance for the Robin however nothing comes of it. Twenty one minutes in and T8's double their lead GOAL!!! T8's 2 - 0 Robin. The pressure on the Robin is relentless as T8's press for a third, even hitting the wood work. All in all a good strongly contested game is tainted when on the thirty seventh minute a strong challenge on Luke causes the red mist to descend on him, lashing out and earning himself a red card, a daft red card but it has happened so what was already a real challenge for the Robin has just got even harder. Just before the end of the first half and T8's extend there lead to three GOAL!!! T8's 3 - 0 Robin. The Ref brings to a end the hardest first half the Robin have had for years.

T8' 3 - 0 Robin Hood. (Two of T8's first half goals were scored by Gamble, seeing as he gave me his name I thought I'd give him a name check here)

The Robin know the second half is going to be tough, quite how tough will soon become apparent.
Second half begins, and with in seconds T8's drive in a great cross into Robin's area which is met by a cracking header to beat the keeper, GOAL!!! not the start the Robin needed or wanted, T8's 4 - 0 Robin. T8's are rampant and in less than two minutes they are at it again, almost a carbon copy of the last one, GOAL!!! T8's 5 - 0 Robin. Its getting ridiculous now the Robin are being run ragged. The Robin settle a little after that fifth goal which produces two shots from Cain, unfortunately neither finding the back of the net. The Robin are managing to Keep T8's out and two quick successive saves from Quavers foil T8's from scoring a sixth. Young Ali Brown has the ball in midfield travelling with it then releasing the ball to Muggers who sends a cracking through ball past the T8's defenders for Gattuszloa to latch onto and calmly place past T8's keeper, GOAL!!! T8's 5 - 1 Robin. T8's respond in kind by grabbing a sixth just two minutes later, GOAL!!! T8's 6 - 1 Robin. Its back and forth frantic stuff and only a minute after T8's sixth Muggers breaks through to finish and claw another back for the Robin, GOAL!!! T8's 6 - 2 Robin. Chances come and go for both sides, on the eighty sixth minute T8's continue to gorge themselves on goals grabbing another, GOAL!!! T8's 7 - 2 Robin. That's it you would think but T8's are not finished, eighty ninth minute and they get another GOAL!!! T8's 8 - 2 Robin. The Ref draws the game to its conclusion, thank f**k for that.

T8's 8 - 2 Robin Hood FC

Without doubt the most comprehensive beating the Robin have ever had since I have followed them, they were literally hand their arses on a plate today.
A massive improvement is needed next week and the boys need it too shake off this defeat, so lets see what you got.

For highlights please use the link
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