Thursday, 22 October 2009

Tight on Ginger, TIGHT ON GINGER!!!!

Robin Hood FC Vs Pheasant Inn
Vernon Park

Home, Home on the range where the Big Waynes and Kebaby Pones play. The Robin are back on home turf hopefully being back in the familiar surroundings of Vernon will help the Robin regain winning ways. The last two games have seen the Robin ship twelve goals, not good in anyway shape or form. This weeks oppo were Pheasant Inn Sundays, last season first game between the two was a four all romp of a game, did this have the makings of the same. As is becoming the norm the PT Sports crew set up the travelling media centre. For once no delays to kick off so lets get the game under way.

PEEP PEEP PEEP, The Robin are kicking towards the Park end of the pitch while Pheasant attack the Stone Wall end. A tentative first few minutes from both sides explodes into life when in the Tenth minute Robin carve out a chance that flies past the Pheasants goal. Awoken by this Pheasant go looking for a chance themselves, they don't have to wait long when on twelve minutes they clinically take there first opportunity, GOAL!!! Robin 0 - 1 Pheasant. FFS, the Robin are behind again for the third match on the bounce, whats going on. The Robin go on the hunt, piling pressure on Pheasant's defence, creating more chances but the old curse in front of goal seems to be rearing its ugly head again as the chances go wanting. Then against the run of play Pheasant are at it again, countering the Robin they stick the ball in the back of the net, GOAL!!! Robin 0 - 2 Pheasant. Where did that come from, Robin have it all to do again, never making things easy for themselves. The remainder of the half is completely dominated by the Robin as chance after chance comes and goes without yielding any results. The frustration is palpable on the pitch and even clearer as the Ref brings the half to and end. Another intense half time time coming up.

Robin 0 - 2 Pheasant.

The half time team talk is again a shouty affair, some players more vocal than others, everyone trying to get their point across and before you know it its time to get back onto the pitch.

What will the second half bring, well if the past is anything to go by more goals. The Ref gets things going and Pheasant go on the attack opening a chance in the first minute. The Robin hit back with a shot on goal themselves that rolls just wide. fifty first minute and Pheasant get a corner, for some un-explainable reason the Robin fall asleep allowing the Pheasant to take the corner short, cross into the box which all the Robin defenders seem to miss, landing nicely to a Pheasant player who dispatches it into the back of the net, GOAL!!! Robin 0 - 3 Pheasant. Things are going from bad to worse, that was an awful goal to concede and there is still forty odd minutes left, its time for the Robin to show their mettle. The game dies down lacking the domination of the first half. Hit again on the break the Pheasant come down the left hand side of the pitch managing to get the cross in it bypasses one Pheasant player but comes to a second Pheasant player on his own in the box, controlling the ball and drilling it in, GOAL!!! Robin 0 - 4 Pheasant. Most of the Robin are completely deflated by now, Terminator tries to liven things up going on a maze up but even that comes to nothing. The game is drawing to its conclusion, when Pone manages to pop up in Pheasants box and finish of a good move from the Robin, GOAL!!! Robin 1 - 4 Pheasant. Nothing more than a consolation for the Robin as the remaining minutes fly by and the Ref concludes the game.

Robin Hood FC 1 - 4 Pheasant Inn

Another four goals let in by the Robin in a game they should have put to bed early with the chances they had, sixteen now in three, not good enough pure and simple. The Robin need to be ruthless in front of goal and take the chances presented to them otherwise we are going to be seeing more and more results like this one.

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