Wednesday, 14 October 2009

"Is it a Westy?" Lucy "No its a Dog"

Loxley Vs. Robin Hood FC
Top Valley School

Last week the Robin were taken apart, FACT! So they needed to pick themselves up, dust themselves down, and get on with trying to return to winning ways. Sunday is here again so it gave the Robin the opportunity to do just that. At first glance Loxley look like Robin's third brand new oppo of the season, turns out the nucleus of the team is actually Backup United from last season, so not unfamiliar to the Robin. The pitch, after being some what spoiled last week, is not up to much cop, containing pot holes and what looked like an area where there had recently been a fire. But this is Sunday league football, so shut up and get on with it.

With the wind blowing and the sky looking ominously dark in the distance it was time to get the game under way, PEEP PEEP PEEP, what the hell was that? its less than two minutes into the first half and Quavers has already been lobbed, GOAL!!! Loxley 1 - 0 Robin. It was so quick that goal that the now ever present PT Sports crew almost missed it. Loxley have another chance off a corner but its head over Robin's cross bar, not long after they fashion another chance but that to is wide of the mark. It takes the Robin twenty odd minutes to really get going and carve out their first opportunity which unfortunately does not settle in the back of the net. Robin are having all the play, the next fifteen minutes is all about them. Kebab has a effort whistle past goal, while there are chances that come and go for others, in fact Robin have five good chances to score in that fifteen minutes but Loxley must have some kind of force field round the goal (or inept finishing from the Robin, more likely) cause non of them bring the much needed equaliser. Loxley soak up the pressure and look to hit the Robin on the break, this policy pays dividends when on the thirty fifth Loxley double their advantage, GOAL!!! Loxley 2 - 0 Robin. Against the run of play but if you don't take your own opportunities then this can happen. just before the end of the half Loxley have another chance, luckily it does not trouble the onion bag and the Robin end the half with only a two goal deficit.

Loxley 2 - 0 Robin Hood FC.

The half time inquiry is somewhat of a heated event, with colourful language being unsparingly spread around. The turn around time in Sunday league is quick so before you know it its time for the second half.

Second half starts similar to the first, only this time the early chance drops to the Robin, but also like the first half it does not bring them a goal. The dynamic of the half is settling into a familiar feel, the Robin have chances but fail to put them away and Loxley look to counter. By now it has started to rain, not heavy rain, it was spitting (everybody in its SPITTIN'), The newest member of the PT Sports crew leaps into action, first letting the umbrella fold inside out, then battling away with a little help from the surrounding crowd to get it back together, finally getting into position holding it above the cameraman, well don Don Don. Twenty second minute and the funniest (sorry) thing this season as Magic Pants takes the ball square in the nuts and drops like a sack of spuds ("cause fellas as we all know its a pain worst than child birth") see the Robin Hood FC TV channel for the footage of this moment replayed in glorious slow-mo. Ten minutes later and a not so funny as Loxely once again score, GOAL!!! Loxley 3 - 0 Robin. Navy language is emanating audibly from the Robin players now. Things do not get any better when almost exactly ten minutes later Robin concede again, GOAL!!! Loxley 4 - 0 Robin. A few minutes later and the Ref brings to an end the without doubt the most frustrating ninety minutes of football seen for the last two seasons.

Loxley 4 - 0 Robin Hood FC

A second defeat in a row, not what the Gaffer and the Guru needed, they are visibly angry with the result, which makes for a quiet and atmospheric drive back. To see the highlights from this weeks horror show please use the link on the Right Side Panel.

Bring on next week I guess...........................................

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