Thursday, 1 October 2009

Kegger Alert

Premiere Travel v Robin Hood
Wigwam Lane (Finally)

Sunday is coming fast now footy season has begun (not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing seeing as it insists on being followed by Monday). This weeks game is in Hucknall, after making the trek all the way to Titchfield Park (Yes Titchfield Park, I know it says Wigwam Lane but bear with me) on our arrival we notice the abundance of cars, entering the park we see people milling around, The Gaffer seeks out Premiere's manager and comes back to inform us we have no pitch! Two pitches six teams you do the math! The manger of Premiere sends out a couple of scouts and gets on the blower in order to get us a pitch otherwise dun dun dah! No Game.
The call comes through another pitch has be located at Wigwam Lane (There you go) its a quick drive from where we are so everyone returns to their cars. I jump in with Do-Nut, who is a resident of Hucknall. After a little searching for the entrance we finally arrive at Wigwam Lane to see the rest of the team already there and changing! There is an old fella marking out the lines of the pitch, obviously it was not supposed to be used anytime soon. The PT Sports crew (ahem) set up the media centre but reporter Do-Nut has to leave having a technical problem with Kieran (He threw a wobbler) With everyone changed the lads were chomping at the bit to get started so they could rush back to the pub for the Florist, sorry Forest Plymouth game.

Peep Peep Peep, and the first half begins, and what a start a mere two minutes in and the ball is spread wide to Kyle who hits it high into the box, GOAL!!! it was supposed to be a cross but somehow managed fly over the keeper into the back of the net, Premiere 0 - 1 Robin. Premiere in their highlighter coloured kit don't seem to phased by the early goal seeing as it was for a better word a fluke (though I'm sure Kyle prefers his description of "It was a banger!"). The game is being played well even thought the pitch is not the best in the world. Both teams have their opportunities with neither adding the finishing touch, that is until the twenty minutes in when Kyle adds to his first banger, GOAL!!! Premiere 0 - 2 Robin. This time Premiere do look a little rattle and Robin squander more chances to put the game beyond Premiere even though its only the first half. Twenty seventh minute and Premiere break, GOAL!!! they have got one back this starting to be a really good game, Premiere 1 - 2 Robin. Its turning into a real battle and some heavy but fair challenges are flying in from both sides. The battling continues right up to the stroke of half time.
Premiere 1 - 2 Robin
During the break the team gather there thoughts and go over the last forty five minutes (this is not played out as civilised as it sounds) Whilst Lucy and Porn Star mill around on the sideline, the Ref is wasting no time and soon gets the teams back on the pitch.
Seconds out round two, lets get ready to ruuuuuumble (Sorry about that been playing Fight Night Round 4). The second half starts just as had as the first finished, chances pop up for each team with Quavers pulling off a cracking save from from a Premiere player jumping and tipping it over the cross bar. Young Ali Brown and Gattuszola are doing well and pulling the strings in midfield. The sixty second minute and Young Ali Brown hits the ball low and hard across the box from the right had side, its collected by Jay who turns on a sixpence and powers the ball home GOAL!!! Premiere 1 - 3 Robin. The Robin have restored their two goal advantage, what a game. Premiere are not down they think they are still in this game, and their confidence is reward when a high looping ball from midfield is played over the Robin defence for a Premiere player to half volley a lob over the on rushing Quavers, GOAL!!! Premiere 2 - 3 Robin. Twelve minutes to go can the Robin hold on to this lead and make it two wins in a row. No need to worry now, Jay takes a shot from the edge of the box, a Premiere defender makes the block, Jay chases down the rebound from his own shot, unleashing a powerful drive toward goal, the keeper gets a hand to it but the shot is too strong and the ball settles in the back of the net GOAL!!! Premiere 2 - 4 Robin. Ninety minutes bang on and the Ref blows for full time. Get the fook in there another three points for the Robin two wins from the first three games what a start to the season.
The lads rush back to the pub unfortunately the Robin has not got the Forest game on so after a quick beer the lads seek it out. The remaining band of merry men (and merry lady Lucy) enjoy basking in the win.
For highlights of the game use the Robin Hood FC TV link on the side or copy and paste the link below. (this weeks video includes the Kegger in the Title)

Bring on next week!

And a Happy 21st Birthday to the Baloo (Cain)

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